Exa Infrastructure expands connectivity across Iberian peninsula

Exa Infrastructure this morning announced it will be investing in a new terrestrial transport route to Lisbon and Sines in Portugal.

The new network (see map) connects to Exa’s Spanish backbone via Madrid, Barcelona and beyond, serving customer needs across the Iberian peninsula. Steve Roberts, VP of network investments, said: “Expanding our network routes to Portugal builds on Exa’s strategy to be the leading provider of data centre to data centre and subsea cable connectivity.”

Exa said its strategic investment in the southern Europe transport route will provide customers the most diverse connectivity to high growth cable landing stations (CLSs) and datacentres. The company said that Spain is “fast becoming the epicentre for digital traffic with rising demand for digital infrastructure, centred on the cluster of data centres around Barcelona”. It said its network investments “across Spain to Portugal meets the industry’s demand for growth, harnessing customer expectations for resilient connectivity across the Iberian peninsula”.

Expanding to Portugal will enable greater network diversity and connections to high growth CLS, Exa added.

“The Iberian peninsula is an attractive gateway into Europe, the Middle East and Africa for digital traffic. Last month, Exa announced a new 600km network link between Barcelona, Zaragoza and Bilbao, connecting data centre clusters that are growing in all three cities. This is in addition to enhancements to metropolitan fibre in the Barcelona area that are currently underway.”

Roberts said: “We are delivering on our promise to offer our customers competitive choices from a specialist infrastructure provider by diversifying transport routes across the Iberian Peninsula from Spain to Sines and Lisbon.”

Nicholas Collins, chief commercial officer, said: “In the last 12 months, Exa has promised to be the most expansive and dedicated infrastructure network for organisations looking to maximise scale and control.”

He added: “We are delivering on that promise and expanding our footprint to extend from Spain to Portugal is the next step in this journey. Our focus is firmly on building more diversity options for new and existing customers on one of the most advanced fibre networks in the market.”

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