Atlantic deep-sea port for a safe and secure landing of Submarine Cables at the Southwest European coast

Sines Tech – Innovation and Data Center Hub is a neutral digital port that provides an open access cable landing service to submarine cable operators for a neutral, safe and secure landing.

We provide a comprehensive protected fibre backhaul solution integrated with Southern Europe Data Centers, as well as lowest latency routes to West Africa, to USA and South America.

Portugal’s position

Portugal’s geostrategic position, is unique, both in the North-South Atlantic interconnection (with access to Africa and South America), East-West (access to North America), to Europe itself and to the Mediterranean Basin, and through the latter, to the Middle East and Asia. In fact, Portugal is the only country in the world that has moored direct underwater cables to all continents (with the exception of Antarctica).  

Sines, in particular, accounts already with multiple HDD bore pipes at the beach to encourage future systems to land in Sines. From a terrestrial perspective Sines also offered a robust solution for our network with the diverse backhaul routes to Lisbon and Madrid running over both gas pipes and power lines respectively.


Fronthaul protection

The existing fronthaul route between the beach manhole and CLS Zone traverses a protected zone which means that it is free of construction works and other activities which may threaten the integrity of the cable during its life. The route is approximately 2230m to the CLS.

Fully integrated ecosystem

Sines Tech will evolve by combining the landing of high-capacity submarine cables with the installation of large data centers, since the connectivity of submarine telecommunications cables and Data Centers are essential and vice-versa.

Start Campus is a Hyperscaler Data Center located in Sines at ZILS  – a data processing mega-center with a capacity of up to 450MW.

State-of-the-Art Technology

The cable technology that has landed in Sines with the EllaLink cable, will enable to offer advanced products and services to companies and supports over 100Tbps between Portugal and Brazil in one single hop between data centers. ICE6 technology will be used to enhance capacity on the EllaLInk long-haul terrestrial network between Sines, Lisbon, Madrid, and Marseille.

With a trunk length of less than 6.000 km, Fortaleza is actually closer to Portugal than Miami, and closer to Madrid than the densely populated ‘Data Center Alley’ in Ashburn, Virginia.  This means that the Latin America market can now enjoy the same level of services to Europe as their North American counterparts in a new low latency direct route between LATAM and Europe.


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