ZILS - Sines Industrial and Logistics Zone

The Sines Industrial and Logistics Zone is managed by aicep Global Parques, a state-owned company specialized in Management of Business Parks.


ZILS is the largest industrial area in Portugal.
It occupies 2,375 hectares.

Strategically located within international trade routes, is aimed at industrial, logistic and service activities, with some of the largest national and foreign companies already installed. Next to this area is the Port of Sines, a deep-sea water port strategically located at the crossroads of the main maritime North-South and East-West bound routes. 


The main advantages of this area


Available next to the port.


A master plan that already zones all of ZILS for a complete range of activities and project sizes.


Infrastructured plots and greenfield areas of all sizes for plotting.


With the existing industries.


Domestic and industrial water in large availability.


Large electricity supply Infrastructure.

Natural Gas

Serving the park.


Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Optic Fibre

Serving the park.


Diverse railway and highway connections.


A comprehensive permanent environmental monitoring plan.


Good collaboration between local public entities, including the municipality.


Qualified human resources – close technical schools able to fine tune the academic curriculums to the needs of the park existing industries.

Business Center

Complements the offer of this Industrial and Logistic zone, providing offices, meeting rooms and conference rooms to temporary and permanent clients.


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