Sines Tech - Innovation & Data Center Hub facilitation

For an efficient landing of submarine cables and a premium, secure and infrastructured location in Europe for Data Centres installation.

Plot Permits

The plotting process identifies the project needs and matches them with the requirements of ZILS’ Zoning Plan (PUZILS), which is followed by the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Specific wider parameters are in place and being added for IT&T. 

aicep Global Parques has special licensing capacity and is also the issuing body of the “Título de Isenção de Alvará de Loteamento” – Plot licensing within the parameters of PUZILS.

Subsea cables permitting​

A Portuguese  government one-stop-shop system for subsea cable landing licensing and permitting is being setup, as to expedite the process for landing at Sines as well as the fronthaul to the Cable Landing Station.

Bringing together several  government entities:

  • APA – Environment Agency;
  • DGRM – Directorate-General for Natural Resources, Safety and Maritime Services;
  • DGPC – Directorate-General for Cultural Heritage;
  • ANACOM – NRA for communications.

Data Center Certified site

Sines Tech – Innovation & Data Center Hub is certified by a preliminary due diligence carried out by CAP-DC, an expert and independent certification company. 

Validated site features, checked detailed information on total power availability, green power and cooling options, natural and industrial risks to the site and other relevant information to host data centers at Sines.


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