MNE visited Sines Tech Community

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal, João Gomes Cravinho, visited the Sines Tech – Innovation & Data Center Hub, namely, the telecommunications submarine cable mooring station “Vasco da Gama”, where he was welcomed by Philippe DUMONT and Rui Carrilho and Start Campus, the mega Data Center currently under construction, where he was received by Afonso Salema and Fabiola Bordino. Part of this visit was also a meeting with the Sines Tech community, with a presentation of the new investments in ZILS Sines Tech by EllaLink, namely the Olissipo Subsea Cable, AFR-IX telecom’s Medusa cable system, and the recently contracted areas by Start Campus representing a new investment of 127 million euros for two projects, a dedicated electrical substation and an extra area to host submarine cable mooring stations (CLS) for global telecommunications companies.

The substation will supply power to the 495MW green data center being built by Start Campus and will be an essential component of the “Energia Sul” – Renewable Energy Community – being created by aicep Global Parques with the Port of Sines and the Municipality of Sines. The new cable mooring area is contiguous to the existing CLS, where the EllaLink cable connecting Europe to South America is moored, thus quadrupling, and evolving into a Data Port.

The Minister highlighted that “these investments under the ‘Sines Tech’ and ‘Energia Sul’ initiatives are important for Portugal’s economic development. They are a business realization of the Government’s priority in the dual energy and digital transition, as well as a contribution to a safer Europe and a more sustainable world.”

Sines Tech – Innovation & Data Center Hub” ( is a brand of ZILS, the largest industrial zone in the country, managed by aicep Global Parques, a company of the aicep Portugal Global group of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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